Friday, May 05, 2006

Why does it matter what car I drive?

It's a little off topic but I need to rant about this somewhere!

When driving there are numerus times when you have to give way to other road users in most journeys. When you generously give way to let someone past or to let someone out of a junction you normally recieve a courteous wave or a flash to show appreceation. Why is it that this is not always the case...and from recent events it appears it depends on what car you drive!

I drive an average car, it's not flashy but it's quite new. When giving way in this vehicle it seems only every other road user waves at me to thank me.

I have driven more expensive vehicles in the past, quite flashy in fact, when I gave way in this car every single time I gave way people waved at me to thank me.

Recently I have acquired an old vehicle which could say it is a "banger". When giving way in this car very few people actually waved to thank me!

Why should it matter what car I drive to be thanked for letting someone past, I don't have to let them past, I could be stubborn and push my way through. Why then, do I only get thanked if I am driving an expensive car...why do I have to appear to have a lot of money before anyone will show me a little courtesy!

Anyway, rant over and now to try and make it fit into the theme of the blog.

Don't feel preasure to get an expensive car just because you can!

I know I have been excited about getting a new car in the past but here is why you shouldn't get an expensive car unless you can afford to buy it outright!
  • They lose over a £1000 as soon as you drive them from the dealership.
  • They never hold their value.
  • Interest rates on car loans are usually high.
  • They might make people wave at you but it is fake!!


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