Monday, May 08, 2006

Keeping your staff happy and efficient!

5 Quickfire ways to help keep your staff/employees happy!
  • Always, always, always show them respect, never disrespect no matter what.
  • Never Scream at them! I wouldn't expect anyone to scream at me no matter who they are, if you are a boss, never scream and rarely raise your voice. You don't need to shout to show your displeasure.
  • Always encourage, work on positives and build on them, don't always point out the negatives. If you have to point out a negative use it in a constructive and positive manner.
  • Talk to your staff, have regular one on one meetings and discuss their ideas, anything that may be bothering them. This will help them feel more comfortable talking to you and will help them come forward with their ideas.
  • Give them a fair salary, employee happiness is rarely based on their wage but if you are not paying them fairly, they will be unhappy.

My most important one, never scream or shout at your staff. Reasons:

  • It never motivates them it just makes them afraid.
  • It embarrasses them infront of their colleagues.
  • It will make them reluctant to come to you with any problems or ideas.
  • They will not feel respected and appreciated.
  • It is not showing them appreciation for all the other stuff they have done for you.

Worst places for keeping employee happiness, supermarkets. Reasons:

  • They get "power freaks" at the top because they can shout loudest.
  • They often pay quite low.
  • They never show appreciation for hard work and good results.
  • They have stupid "dissapline" measures and they MUST go by the book each time.
  • They don't appreciate that they still need the checkout workers, they are mere pawns in their mission to world dominance! :o/

If you have any staff or employees you need to motivate them these are just a few ideas I have picked up from being on both sides.


At 9:11 pm, Blogger Dawg of Doom said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave. Looks like you have some pretty good points in here about how to manage people - well said!


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