Monday, May 15, 2006

Carnival Of Business, link love and free stuff.

Next week I will be hosting the Carnival of Business, I have put a permanent link on the top right of the blog if you need to post later in the week. I would love to get loads of submissions for this week, so get submitting! Thanks to Tim of My Money Forest for letting me host my first carnival, as it is my first I would like it to be a success. To submit a post please go to Blog Carnival.

Thanks must also go to
Jane of Boston Gals Open Wallet who has shown me some link love this week, an honour indeed.

Finally, I have received most of the free stuff from my free stuff experiment which is great! I am still waiting on the pashmina...I'm beginning to think I didn't meet the criteria...I'll keep my fingers crossed. BTW, the original Source (
get your free sample here) shower gel has a pretty strong aroma so I must apologize to you if you walk past me in the street. :o/

A little note, you can still get
Free Rubber Stamps, free business cards and free notecards here!


At 9:30 pm, Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Hey, thanks to you for hosting! :) I hope you get a lot of submissions.


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