Monday, May 22, 2006

Carnival Of Business #5

Welcome to the 5th edition of The Carnival of Business. With this edition comes many great articles, along with each article I have posted a little comment to help describe what it covers. Next weeks host is debt hater, to submit an article for next week swing by the official Carnival of Business website and then go to Blog Carnival to submit.

Top Three Posts
I wanted to highlight three of my favourate posts, although all articles were fantastic these three stood out for me.

Title: Being Bold
Posted at:
Career Intensity Blog - David V. Lorenzo
Another fantastic post here about being bold, although not directly focused towards business this statement of "being bold" is key to success in the business world. Dave hits the nail on the head (sorry for the cliche) on several points here, this is a must read.

Title: Blah, It's Monday
Posted at: Dr. Deborah Serani
This is an absolute pearl of a post, it's one I can almost guarantee you will all be able to relate with. Dr. Deborah Serani gives some great tips about beating the Monday Blues, don't forget to read the mass of comments and a few additional tips Deborah gives.

Title: Meetings and Dominance Rituals: Implications for Corporate Governance
Posted at:
Professor Bainbridge
This is a great post on how the humans natural "dominance" instinct effects the way meetings are held and can make them rather inefficient. Stephen discusses the need to set an order of hierarchy or nominating a chairman before the meeting begins to create a productive meeting.

Customer related articles

Title: What Does Client-Centricity Really Mean?
Posted at:
David Maister's Passion, People and Principles
In this article David explains what Client-Focus really means and how most businesses, although they claim to have it, don't actually know what it means. David also has a great list so that you can judge your own company on how good they are with their client focus.

Title: The Lifetime Value of a Customer, A Strategic Prospective
Posted at: Jack Yoest
Jack tells us the importance of keeping the customers happy and the value of doing so. He has an interesting case study of the Ritz group.

Title: Give Your Customers Something To Believe
Posted at: Jim Logan
Jim has quickly listed a number of useful ways we can prove to our potential customers we are the right ones for the job.

Managment related articles

Title: Do you dare to Dream the impossible dream?
Posted at:
Todd has written a nice little article on great management spotting problems before people realize they are problems. Read the post to the end and you will find a humorous but very clever solution to a payphone problem.

Title: Too Much of a Good Thing
Posted at: The Scratching Post
K T Cat explains how his firm is now having to use 6 different management techniques. He describes how it takes time and practice to become good at using a scroll saw and that it is the same in business management.

Entrepreneural related articles

Title: Entrepreneurship is Not for the Faint of Heart It is a Vocation & a Lifestyle
Posted at:
Emmanuel Oluwatosin: Inspiring Excellencerealizingng Ambitions
Emmanuel reminds us of the harsh reality of being an Entrepreneur in the modern world and tells us of the key ways to survive in this fast moving environment.

Start-up Business related articles

Title: Simple Steps to Start Business
Posted at: Journey To Financial Freedom
A top little post with three basic steps you should take when thinking about taking the plunge into the world of self employment. Harrison also offers an alternative approach to achieving financial freedom without setting up a business.

Title: How to Build a Million Dollar Business
Posted at: Million Dollar Leverage - Dave Navarro's Coaching Blog
Dave has some advice on having the right attitude towards making a million dollar business. In this post there is a pop quiz to test the chances of our success and some tips on how to improve your chances of success.

General business articles

Equity Markets: Crunched by Deteriorating Liquidity?
Posted at:
Capital Chronicle
RJH discusses the mass of gnashing teeth regarding evaporating liquidity. He makes some very good points using graphs to help him describe the issues.

A Nice Problem To Have (CTSH)
Posted at: Stock Market Beat
Trent discusses the amazing growth of Cognizant Technology Solutions, the benefits and the risk factor of the continual growth.

Title: Diversifying Your Income Stream as a Safety Net
Posted at:
Freelance Writing for Nonprofits
This is a useful little article which reminds us that when self employed it is vital we don't rely too heavily on one income source. Kivi explains how she diversified her income sources and explains them to us.

There will be a few more articles to come as I have posted it quite early, you can expect these shortly. Thanks to everyone who took the time out to post an article, I have learned a lot this week.


At 4:14 pm, Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said...

What a great collection of posts. I have always believed that psychology and business are intertwined. Thanks for putting all of this together. Now, it's time for me to visit each one! Wish I had a cup of java!

At 7:10 pm, Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Excellent post Dave! I really like the way you laid that out.

At 1:26 am, Anonymous Todd said...

Great lot of posts here!

Thanks for running the carnival. Now I've got some reading to knock out of the way.

At 8:32 am, Anonymous Tim said...

No new posts? What happened?

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