Friday, April 21, 2006

Why are you so secretive about our salaries?

There is an interesting post on the BBC website which is worth a read regarding our secretive attitudes about our salaries. It is talking about the typically secretive Brits in particular but I am sure it is a similar situation wherever you come from in the world.

Read the article here.

There are also some interesting comments at the bottom, please note that none of the various "daves" that have commented are myself...makes me realize how common my name is. I wonder if all of those davids are as "beloved" as me. :-D

My views:

I may have mentioned this before but I think it comes down to your own take on whether you want to disclose your own salary. It is down to your own opinions and views. I don't disclose my salary and I feel a bit awkward when someone asks me unless I am close to them and they have asked me nicely. I don't really mind people knowing my salary but given the choice I would probably have them not know.

I work very hard in my job and do my job well (hope I do anyway). I will ask for a wage rise or promotion if I feel I deserve them but when I get the job I don't show off, brag or gloat to my colleagues, many of them would be disgruntled by the fact someone a lot younger was being paid more than them.

Although these are my views I don't know why, possibly the way I was brought up, my parents don't like discussing their wages.

I don't mind someone who doesn't mind disclosing their salary to people as long as they don't pressure other people who are less willing to do so. I don't like people who show off about their wages and brag to people who earn less than them.

I have some friends who do this, they disclose their wages regularly and although they would never admit it, it is to brag and make themselves feel better than others. They see themselves as better people because they earn more which is one thing I wholeheartedly disagree with, someone who earns more is not a better person. If they do think that the biggest salary makes the best person then perhaps they are not as good as they think. Bill Gates is a very rich man and as far as I am aware quite a generous one aswell but does that make him a better person than mother Teresa was?
So, as you can tell, I don't think it matters whether people reveal their salary or not. It is their choice and should remain their choice.

What are your opinions, do your flaunt your wage, does having a large salary give you bragging rights because you worked hard for it? Or do you disagree with revealing your salary full stop? Whatever you think, WHY do you think it?


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