Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Walking with purpose... a phrase Boston Gal has come up with in her new mission to do more walking and less driving. With the increases in petrol (or gas) prices it is the perfect time for all to start walking to the shops or into town.

With an eye on what it might do for your health aswell it is a top idea. I will be joining the mission to "walk with purpose" over the coming months.
Hopefully the rewards of my "thinking before walking" will be saving money by
spending less on gas, supporting my local neighborhood businesses, and improving
my health by taking longer and more frequent walks.

Check her post out here.


At 10:29 am, Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Sounds like something we used to say in the Army - "Walk with a purpose" or "Move with a purpose."

Anyway, good post.


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