Friday, April 07, 2006

Totally Random search referrals!

Ok so the other day someone found my blog by searching on google for

"I spilt wine on my wallpaper"

Well I am afraid I can't help much with that one, however, the knowledge within the personal finance network is much wider than just finances! Although budgeting babe (:oD) can't sew a button and single ma can't draw (:oD) there is loads of knowledge kicking around the personal finance blogs. Have a surf around these personal finance websites (if you come back) and maybe someone will drop a post for you and maybe you'll learn a thing or two about your finances aswell!
  • If anyone has a top tip on saving wallpaper that has a wine stain on it (other than put your sofa infront of it) then drop a post and lets see if we can help this person out. The best suggestion again will get some fudge or rock or something.
  • If anyone can beat my random search referrals, then drop a comment here and again, the best one will win some fudge or rock. I am going to drop in two submissions already (hope you don't mind guys) from the MBN Forums.

Submissions for random search referrals:

Five Cent Nickel had:

"Is my wife obsessive compulsive"

My Money Blog embarrassingly admitted having (don't read if offended easily):
"gnikcus fles" (read backwards)
Good luck to all who participate.


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