Friday, April 14, 2006

Tips for saving while on holiday!

As you will know I held a fudgy competition last week. Well I am going to follow up this one with all the results and a few new ones of my own.

Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity submitted:

My best tip is to leave all your credit cards behind, bring no plastic and bring all cash. Between being worried you'll run out of money for some unforeseen emergency and the actual act of pulling out real cash to pay for something, you'll definitely spend less than you otherwise would.

He also advised that this should be done at your own risk!

I did this (at my own risk) and was most satisfied, I was indeed worried about running out of cash and was more reluctant to hand over cash. Although, having said this I still didn't scrimp on things, I bought what I wanted it just seemed that the money went a lot further.

Blaine Moore of Run To Win submitted:

Don't buy a lot of alcohol. If you are going to drink, buy something like a Guinness and sip it rather than buying 4 or 5 buds that you drink in the same amount of time. Then you avoid the hangover, as well.

If you can walk, it is cheaper than taking a cab.

I took a lot of notice with this one as I do like to have a beer or two when on my holidays so I did as he said and bought drinks which took longer to drink. It had the desired effect!

Nick from Punney Money had this to say:

Bring food! Pre-made lunches, a box of cereal, microwaveable food, etc.

You save about 50-90% with every meal you "prepare" yourself.

I did indeed do this, infact the whole family did my brothers and I took it in turns to prepare meals and not only did we save money we thought each other a trick or two in cooking!

Finally a post from Financial Fruition mentioned that when you only take cash it will make you think before you purchase anything because you have to make it last.

Setting a limit as mentioned really did work and it did make me think about purchasing things before I did and stopped some of the impulse buying of things I would only ever use once.

I have one more tip I found very useful while on holiday:

Find the local markets! If there is an every day market use it! If there isn't then there will more than likely be one on while you stay there if you are going for a whole week. They usually have everything there at cut down prices, you may have to search a bit harder to find the best quality but you will be able to find it. Not only this but in a market you can haggle a bit and strike a great bargain!

Thanks for all the tips it certainly helped me save whilst on holiday!


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