Thursday, April 27, 2006

Improving your situation at work. Part One

I'm going to write a little series (probably only 2 or 3 parts) on improving your situation at work, including respect from colleagues, respect from your boss and improving your salary. I have experienced quite a few problems throughout my career so far but have over come them and wanted to pass on a few things I learnt.


You will have felt at some point in your life that you are not being paid what you deserve, you will have felt that you are working harder than your pay check says you are and you will felt undervalued in your job.

If you haven't felt any of the above then you are either early in your career, working for your family's company, own your own company or have been very lucky.

A few Points that may be of interest:
  • Your boss will not know exactly how good you were until you have gone.
  • Your boss will probably not appreciate the amount of work you put in.
  • Your boss will more than likely never offer you a wage rise.
  • Your colleagues think they are better than you.
  • Some colleagues who are older think they have an authority over you because they have worked in the company for 20 years (even if you are their boss).

Taking steps in the right direction

Always, always, always keep your eye open for appropriate or similar jobs! This is a very important factor, keeping your eye open to your options will make you feel much more confident of how to approach things. If you know you have options else where it can give you the confidence to speak to your colleagues or boss.

Get to work on time. If anything ever arises if you are late more than once or twice every quarter, it will be brought up and used against the case you are putting forward whether it is for a wage rise, to have your ideas put forward or to get a promotion.

Make tea and coffee. Have office juniors or apprentices where you work? Do they always make all the tea and coffee? I realize that you might be busy but once in a while do a round and make the tea and coffee. If the juniors and apprentices respect you then they are more likely to help you out when they need it.

If you are the junior or apprentice don't get into the routine of making everyone's tea and coffee. If you are already in that rountine, next time someone asks you to make the tea, refuse to do it immediately, say for example "Sorry, do you mind if I just get these faxes sent out to close that deal you wanted?". They should respect that and if you do it two or three times in a week they might even get the picture and make YOU one. TIP: If you say you are working on something, make sure you are and make sure you are working hard!

If you have a problem, talk about it. If you have a problem it will not get any better by leaving it alone. Speak to the person about the problem, bring it up in a meeting. If it is because someone is doing something wrong, don't embarrass them and do it infront of them. Take them to one side and have a word and SHOW them how to do it.


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