Monday, April 03, 2006

I actually made a profit!

This weekend, unfortunately, was an expensive one. Me, my partner and our mates went away for the weekend to let off a bit of steam. One of the things we did was to hit the arcades for a few hours but unfortunately another of my weaknesses, however, I had a plan!
  • Go with only £10
  • Don't take my cash card
  • Go on machines that last a long time
  • Avoid betting machines
  • Play for fun rather than to win money

Equipped with my new plan I went in and had a great time. I only went on a few money winning machines, I played just for fun. As we were running out of our allocated money I went on a bingo style money and won £6! Then I drop my last few 10p coins into the slot machines and won another £2! I then managed to fluke a cuddly toy from a claw machine and hey I left with £10.50 and a toy!

I've only ever left the arcades with a profit once before, purely out of luck as I didn't know what to do with the bandit and it ended up dropping £20 in one go.

So this is now a new crazy way I made money, I reakon the toy is worth about £2, in fact I may even sell it on Ebay and see what my percentage outcome was! I will post an update when it is sold.

If I was to calculate my overall percentage loss for the arcades for every time I had been in I would be down hundreds of percent, which brings me to the whole point of the post. Arcades can be great fun but it is so easy to put money in and not realise how much you are spending! I have been caught out a few times (before I became so financially strict with myself), please don't let yourself be caught out.


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