Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free stuff, offers and review vista print.

You may be aware of the free offers from vista print, I wanted to post my case study and review of the service they provide. If you are not aware of them or are not aware of their deals then you are in luck because they have some really great deals.


Vistaprint is basically a printing company based in Europe who ship their products worldwide. They have been made famous for their "250 business cards free" deal and often have different offers each month. At the moment they have a few free offers on.



You will pobably see something that you want to actually pay for on their website. If you do then don't do it straight away, create an account, order your free stuff and click out of the website. Load it back up and click on the product your wish to order. Now close the browser and a pop-up should appear with something similar to this on it "Stay and save 20%", shop away! (doesn't work with any other offers though).


A couple of years back when I first really got stuck into setting up business (I had been interested for ages but never had the guts to do it) I had no money, and no clients to make money. I needed money to make stationary to advertise and I needed clients to make the money to get stationary. Dead end, you would think so, but I came across vistaprint. I ordered my free business cards, got some free postcards and then they gave me some free magnets on top of that, I had to pay postage but figured it was a small fee to pay.

I was well chuffed, when it all came through the post I started writing letters and sending post cards to companies from the phone directory and included a couple of business cards in each one. I got my first client and with that money went straight back onto vista print. With £50 I got myself letterheaded paper, more postcards (free), more magnets (free), some thank you for your business cards (free), more business cards (free) and a load of leaflets printed. I don't know what it is like for printing in your area but to me this seemed pretty damn good.

The second package came through the post and I was gutted, the cards were bent and the letter headed paper was messed up on one corner. I rang them up and they said "no problem, we'll send some more straight out", at no additional cost they sent more out because their courier had bent them and if I remember rightly they sent me another "free offer voucher" in the post.

The only other things I have ordered from vistaprint are free stuff, the essentials I still have plenty of. Although the business became a side earner when I got a promotion at job (more hours) all the stationary is still used, it's all good quality and still looks great now.


Great service, great offers - if they don't have a FREE offer they will have a good deal for it, you can design your stuff on their web based application or upload your own design (they also have a design team which I haven't used). They have cheap delivery and a wide range of products. Overall - Highly recommended, perfect for start-up or small businesses.

*NB This post contains affiliate links. This does not, however, affect my review. I have reviewed vistaprint as unbiasedd as possible, I take my opinions from my own personal experience.


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