Monday, April 24, 2006

Free stuff experiment, results.

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A brief summary of the experiment can be found in the post below, or by clicking here.

N.B. There was one product I was excluding from my experiment since I already know about it, that was VistaPrint, of which I will post a review of soon.


Time: 30 mins
Equipment: My PC with internet access.

My method was going to be simple, use a search engine (google in this case) to search some key words and try to find free stuff. I knew that it was highly unlikely I would find any free stuff without having to register first, I knew that this was going to be where I spend the most time, filling in the boring registration details. In preparation for this I filled out the details I thought I would need in a word document and split my screen so I could easily copy them over where needed.

Search terms used:

  • Free products
  • free products UK
  • get free stuff
  • find free samples
They were fairly random but they were quick fire searches, I wanted to get a variety of companies. I found the best places to find the giveaways were the websites designed for this purpose, finding free giveaways!


What I got:

Although I haven't received any of the following I have been promised them. I found loads of free samples, one pashmina for referring a couple of emails and a kerrang car sticker.

Comfort creme sample, free pashmina - I'm sure my g/f will be most pleased.
Aveeno sample - As above.
Andrex Colour wheel - Wow, now I can work out which colour toilet roll to use.
original Source Sample - It smells so gooood.
Hugo Fragrance sample (on a postcard) - I might get one day if I rub it on my neck :-/
King of Shaves Sample - Great! I use this, it will come in most handy.
Kerrang Car Sticker (asked for loads) - errr I asked for loads so I can give them away...anyone want one?

250 free business cards - I cheated a bit with this one since I already knew about it. :oD (review coming soon)

N.B. Although most of these were offers for the UK, many had offers for the US aswell.

A Key website in this experiment: FreebieList.


You CAN get free stuff, just not very much. As you can see from my results I got lots of free samples of health products, I believe if I had given myself more time I could have got more but I wanted to see what I could get for nothing and time isn't nothing.

You can't seem to get expensive products for nothing, I found that the best giveaways often had catches once you registered such as, "now sign up to one of our affiliate programs and we will send your free product", as you can imagine, they cost money. Another possibility for free products is a referral program, one such program was simple, sign up, refer friends and then receive gifts. Since I thought this would take too much time I didn't attempt this one.

What I learnt:

I think there are free gifts and great offers out there for everything. If you are about to buy something or if you want to register for something do a "free stuff *product*" search and I bet you can find that you can get free products or money from it. I came across deals for practically everything but you have to part with something to get them.


I want to expand on this experiment, I need more time. I think there may be more oportunities to get better stuff for free or at least very little. Next experiment shall be to try out the referral program, anyone up for being a referral drop me an email David walker 24 %at% hot mail &dot& com.


At 9:39 am, Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Hey Dave, thanks for taking part in the Carnival of Business! If you'd like to host it sometime please let me know!


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