Friday, April 07, 2006

.eu domain name opens to public

Today the .eu domain names went on sale to the public for the first time. The initial 3 month period was reserved for companies to reserve their trademarks. However, only 300 000 of these were reserved, although it sounds a lot I am sure there are probably thousands more unregistered.

Legal Battles

Given this I would highly doubt it if there are no high profile court cases over the registration of trademarks with the .eu domain. It also brings me to question another aspect, if a European citizen sets up a website using the trademark of a company outside of the EU with the European domain, will they still get sued?

So what do you think about people who register the domains knowingly breaking trademark laws. Companies had their time to register, is it their own fault? Is it wrong for an individual to register the trademark? Or are they just using their initiative and should the companies have to buy back the domains?

Ofcourse there are those who unintentionally register using trademarks for their legitimate personal use or for their business use. A good example of this is JLP AllFinancialMatters, he used the name All Things Financial and with his success came a letter from a company of whom he is supposedly breaking trademark laws. This brings me onto the next question, have trademark laws gone too far? When is it going to stop, will it come to the point of not being allowed to use sayings or even words? It seems the large companies don't bother until there is something in it for them.


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