Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't rule out offline marketing!

Most companies nowadays have an online presence of some kind, if they don't they are thinking about it and if they aren't then they probably should. There are more and more internet only based companies springing up every day. Most companies spend large amounts of money advertising online and less offline.

Do these facts suggest we should faze out offline marketing altogether?

No, is the simple answer. Many people still don't use the internet, some people use the internet but use it purely for research, some people refuse to follow ads online.

All online marketing efforts should be followed up with a strong following of offline marketing campaigns, this not only makes them work stronger in conjuntion with each other but it means you reach a much wider audience. If your marketing budget will be blown away purely on online advertising then I would say cut down and put in some offline efforts aswell. Offline marketing (if your not looking to advertise on TV at prime time) can be relatively cheap and potentially reach a wider audience.

One of the best offline marketing methods I have ever had (not saying it is THE best, it has just worked best for me in the past.) is leaflet drops. It is relatively cheap, especially if you already have all logo's, slogans and don't go over board on the colour (it doesn't help, a bit of coloured paper with bold black writing on it works equally as well). It is also something you can do yourself, not only this but if you throw an "online only offer" into the equation then it will push more traffic through, more online recommendations, more links and subsequently a higher search ranking, which again helps your online marketing.

So, to summarize, make both methods of advertising work together to yield better results. Offline marketing can help to increase your online presence, online marketing can help your offline campaign by putting the deals into the back of the customers mind. Make sure that you work the marketing methods together, don't contradict, stick to one logo and one slogan for both.


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