Friday, April 14, 2006

Competition Winners!

Well, it's been a week since I said I was giving away some fudge.

The first competition was to see if anyone knew how to get wine out of wallpaper, well, I'm afraid no-one came up with any suggestions for this one. I guess you just gotta paint over it! Or move the sofa. That's one box of fudge for me :o)

The next one was for the strangest (un related) search referrals to your website. I grabbed two entries from the Money Blog Network Forums for this one but it has to go to the entry from My Money blog (sorry dont have a name) for his entry, you can see it here. Nice one.

Finally, the last one (the most important and actually relevant one) was for the best tips to save money while on holiday. I'll do a follow up post with all the entries on this one as I think they are well worth sharing. The winner for a very good tip about cash was Jim from Blueprint.

Winners drop me an email with some details and you can enjoy some delightful fudge David walker 24 !!!### a t ###!!! hot mail --^^do t^^-- com.

Sorry for my over protection on the email but the spam bots can now recognize the dots and the ats written down. Thanks to all who entered.


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