Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cheap ways to chill out and relax...

...because sometimes you have bad days!

You have all been there, whether it is because you have had a horrible day at work, or because you stubbed your toe this morning and things didn't get any better from then on.

The classics;

  • You could take a relaxing bath with a glass of Champaign, or for the guys to feel manly, a relaxing bubble bath with a 'pint ah larga'.
  • Sweat it out down at the gym!
  • Or you could take a walk in the countryside!

By now you probably aren't very impressed with these, they can become less effective as they get old. Ofcourse there is the obvious but expensive ones;

  • You could indulge in a bit of retail therapy
  • A weekend away
  • A trip to the spa, or for me and the rest of the guys a trip down the football match.
  • Or go for a meal at a fancy restaurant.

I can hear it now, the moans and groans of the pf bloggers now, how they would enjoy but don't want to break this months good bank balance.

So what are your options? Well here are a few things you could try;

  • Take up a new sport (extreme if you can find a cheap one).
  • Kick the kids out for the night (preferably at a friends not on the streets, but if necessary do so ;-)) and have a quiet night in with a home cooked meal and a DVD.
  • Play a game of chess, take up art or play a game of Sudoku.

What do YOU normally do? have you any ideas for relaxing without breaking the bank? How often do you indulge in expensive things to help you relax?


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