Thursday, March 09, 2006

Writing lists helps you on your way

I am reluctant to post this simply because you will find similar posts all over the web and in particular on PF blogs. However, I am a believer in writing lists and setting goals and I remember when I first tried writing lists I scribbled down some goals but never in any detail and it wasn't particularly effective. This is how I write my goals now:

GOAL: Make £200 in two weekends

Steps to achieve this goal:

1st weekend:
-Sell my unworn jeans oneBayy – time: 10 minutes to list, 10 minutes to post, expect £25
-Give my brother and his mates a lift into town and pick them up at 2am. – time: 20 minutes there and back twice, expect £10
-Update my Dads friends business website – time: 1 hour, expect £50

2nd weekend:
-Take mate to pick up new car - time: 2 hours, expect: tank of petrol (cost half a tank, save: £18)
-Design and print and post 500 leaflets to surrounding houses for newsagents over round advertising their new post office section – time: 5 hours, expect £120

I used to just write the goal, but there is often lots of little steps you need to take to complete the main task, the result is a more efficient goal being achieved.

One thing I will say about my lists is I never write a days schedule, I often chop and change going through tasks, it keeps me on the ball. If I get bored or am on one task too long I start to work less effectively. Not only this but in a day you will often have to pick up tasks here and there and it would be an arse to re-arrange your day because of this.

I know it's been repeated tons of times but I hope in some way this might help someone who was doing as IIdid when i first started writing lists.


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