Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Win, Win, Win!

Everytime I go online I am faced with people telling me, emails telling me and ads telling me that I can "Win an Xbox 360" or "Win an Ipod Nano". They all promise you free stuff by "shooting the duck", "stomping the spider" or simply "answer this question". I have always looked upon these as being a scam, a swindle or just a plain simple lie to get a click through!

For my partner it is something different, the flashing lights, the big red FREE signs and the statements claiming she could win make her eyes glaze over with excitement. Although I know deep down she knows she more than likely won't win anything, she just want to try it. I have always prevented her, ofcourse!

But, am I right to do so?

What I would like to know is;

Does anybody ever win anything?
Are they just scams to bombard you with spam emails and letters?
Does answering the question differently actually lead to something different?
Are they just a plain lie to get another hit?

So, any answers would be great, I will be conducting my own experiment next week, ofcourse I will publish the results, but I would like to do some background research first, has anyone ever made anything or got anything for it? Did you get bombarded with spam, was it a scam!?

If these ads were indeed true to their word, I am sure I could have made an electronics retail store by now, have I missed out?


At 7:22 am, Anonymous Marcelo said...


Most of those "Get ___ Free!" are scams.

But! There is an online goldmine of freebies you can legitimately obtain through incentive networks. This method isn't 100% no-effort, no-time-investment FREE, but getting something for a considerably lower cost is fun and rewarding.

To learn more about incentive networks, check out my blog - EasyMoneyUniverse.com. You need to be informed before you venture out to the land of scams and deceit!

Feel free to use my contact form to get in touch with me since my blog is still relatively knew (and I still need to write up some tutorials and guides on freebies, but for now I can answer your questions via e-mail).

At 8:45 am, Anonymous Dave said...

Thanks, I'll be sure to get some advice before I do my experiment.


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