Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Utilize your PC!

/So many people have a PC for one or two reasons, more than likely it is for a few of the following:

  • Kids to play games
  • Type up an official letter once every six months
  • Kids to do homework
  • To prove a word is a word in scrabble once a year
  • Kids to play games, kids to play games, kids to play games...

Well you need to utilize your PC and make it start working for you, after all it probably cost you an arm and a leg to get.

I'm not going to go into mass detail about any of the following things as I would be blogging until midnight tonight and I have to get up early tomorrow.

-Car insurance, how many times will we just get out another years insurance with the same company without questioning the price. Well don't, run some quotes on the finance websites, even better, nowadays you can just use one or two websites which will search them for you, try these confused.com and moneysupermarket.com. Don't forget to go back to your normal insurer and tell them you have a cheaper quote, they will more often than not match it!

-House Insurance, same as above...too many of us take out home and contents insurance with the bank who gave us our mortgage.

-Online Banking, it is so much easier to check your bank statements online. You can look at them whenever you want not just once a month. You can transfer money into your savings, transfer out and transfer money directly to peoples bank accounts.

-Mortages/loans, how many times have you heard this "Are you getting the best out of your mortgage?", how many times did you just ignore it! Well don't at very least get some online quotes (try moneysupermarket.com again).

-Booking Holidays, I always find the best deals online and more often than not you can cut out the middleman, be sure to check how much your travel insurance is online too!

-Job Hunting, I reakon about 95% of all job vacancies now go online, what is great is you don't have to buy 53 different papers and magazines to view all the jobs (then you will probably glance past the best one). Do a quick google search for job websites. A couple of well known ones are monster.co.uk and fish4.co.uk. Not looking for a job? You will when you find the exact same job for twice the money.

-Advertising, likely hood is you are involved in a non profit organization, whether it be a local sports club or a charity, they more than likely hold regular events to raise cash. You probably need to advertise these events. Make some leaflets to advertise them and give them out, throw some posters up in local shops. Get the event listed on a local events website. Email your local newspaper with the events details.

-Research, Looking to buy a holiday home, an investment house, check out the area's and see how much other houses are selling for on the same street all online.

-Online Auctions, Got a load of crap in the garage you have been meaning to sell for ages. Spend a couple of minutes putting them up on eBay or another auction site. Alternately start buying on eBay, you can get just about anything you can think of from eBay and you can usually get them still packaged.

All of these things can save you money I am sure, you could probably recoup the cost of the computer over the course of a year. I am sure there are tons more things you can use your computer for, any suggestions most welcome!

Likely hood is if you are reading this then this isn't for you, print it and give to thepeople who need it! Everyone knows someone like this, tell them they can't set off nuclear weapons if they press the wrong button!


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