Saturday, March 18, 2006

UK Housing market to keep rising?

"The housing market still picking up"

"House prices gathering pace"

Are just a couple of quotes I have read over the recent weeks. It is true, despite the majority of experts claiming that the housing market was going to slow right down this year and maybe even drop slightly. Despite recent surveys showing house prices on the increase experts are still cautious to say they will continue to rise, understandibly so, the house prices have never risen for so long without taking a dip.

Personally, I believe they will continue to rise steadily, true the market has slowed way down but it is as strong as ever. As a whole prices in the UK will only rise 2 or 3 percent, but if you find an area with a lot of potential then they could rise anything up to 25%.

A few things you need to look out for to find a rising area:

-Lots of houses up for sale and plenty of sold boards.
-Lots of estate agents (look for towns with lots of estate agents)
-New shopping centres, sports centres developments in town.
-Modern appartments being built/converted.

Obviously don't rely on those pointers but if you see a town with all of the above then you need to get some research done. Get on the mailing lists of the estate agents so that you can get an idea of what is becomming available on the market in that area.

I personally will be making this years investments into the housing market and I would suggest if you are loooking to invest in something that you do some research into the current UK market.

Please note: Don't go buying a house from this article, please make sure you do lots of research and remember, I am not an advisor, just another person like you trying to make ends meat.


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