Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Totally random ways I made money!

Here is a list of some totally radom ways I have made money!
  • Washed cars one weekend. (£55)
  • Given my mates lifts late at night (£45...)
  • Sold a car for someone. (£100)
  • Won a raflle (£20 voucher)
  • Salted a car park every weekday morning last winter (£500)
  • Delivered a car (£25)
  • Witnessed the signing of some documents (£40)

I did these to make a bit of extra cash (and because they were offered to me) which came in very handy!

If anyone has any more random ways they made money it would be great to hear them!


At 11:37 pm, Blogger Mocha & Guess... said...

I make some extra money by picking up every coin and paper money I find which I put into a piggy bank, I do survery's and paid programs that I get randomly get paid for, I also look for sites that I can print coupons for free items at stores that I go to regularly, I also try to find sites and survey's that would give me gift certificates for making enough points and for finishing the survey's, I also have a calling card from the internet which I get minutes added when I request information from companies trying to sell me stuff, I also do contest where I can win cash and prizes, I post stuff online at craigslist.org to sell.


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