Friday, March 17, 2006

They need to close bars earlier!

Why is it that I have an inability to go home before every pub/bar/club in town has closed. It doesn't matter where it is, I simply cannot leave before it closes. Which, I must say is a real dampener on my finances.

It was a leaving do for a mate who is leaving to cut grass in wimbledon. Seeing as though it was a weekday the thought process was as follows...

I'll go into town with my friends and have a few alcohol free drinks then I'll have a pint of larger later on to keep me going, I'll take my car to prevent me from temptation.

I arrived, had one drink and got a taste of the atmosphere...that was it...the car, no problem. I was back home in 5 minutes, on a bus in 7 and back in the bar with a pint in my hand in 10....great, so much for a cheap night!

But it wasn't so much the drinking or the car that was a problem, it was the total inability to stop. We went from bar to bar and finally to the club and thats where we really...that's where we stayed until the not so early hours of the morning.

Note to self: Leave your cards at home next time...ATM's are evil!

Having said that it was a top night and I had a great time...sometimes blowing a few (or a bit more than a few) unexpected quid is worth it.


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