Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Online Shopping - Advantages

I'm not talking about buying your designer suit or your dogs collar online. I'm talking about your weekly/bi-weekly or monthly shopping (however often you choose to do it).

Dust off your keyboard (your arrow, space and return keys will be fine, the kids games often require these) and log yourself online. Take your shopping list (which I might add, you MUST have written, if you don't then you will buy things you don't need) and log onto one of the supermarkets websites, I use Tesco but there are plenty out there. Take your list, tap it into the the product search, add to cart....Next item, no messing.

You will find you save a fortune on impulse buying those chocolate cakes on buy one get one free, those batteries at half price (of which will only fit one product and it is only sold in a corner shop in Japan) and that hair colouring just in case you see a grey hair. The savings will far out weigh the charge for delivery (if there is one).

You can even save the shopping list so next time all you have to do is press re-order and you have got it sorted.


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