Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Snowing!

It's the first time in ages that it has snowed heavily and stuck. It's a great sight sight to see, I love the snow. However, with snow comes opportunities to make a some hard earned cash!

It's one that will take work, there is no easy way of making money in the snow but here's a few ideas for those of you who are willing to brave the cold and earn some extra cash.

Clearing Drive ways, if you have a driveway yourself this is the best place to start. Begin by shovelling the snow to one side (great if you wanna build snowmen after aswell, even better to hide behind in a snowball fight), then sprinkle some salt down to make sure it stays clear.

Once you have done your own driveway go knock on a few doors of the friendly neighboors and ask them if they want their driveway cleared, make them look at how well yours is done and explain you will put some salt down and clear all the pathway to their door for free.

De-icing the cars, it's a real bind running out of your house 10 minutes late then having to de-ice your car for another ten minutes. If you are motivated enough to get up bright and early drop some leaflets through the doors requesting if they want their car de-icing write the dates, times, house no. and car details and ask them to post it to your house. Remember to time your de-icing so you have enough time to do everyones cars. Drop a bill through their door at end of week.

Salting Car Parks, if you live near a couple of business car parks, they don't want any court cases from employees slipping in the snow and ice. They need a salter! Get out there, with your bucket of salt and a spade.

Personally I won't be venturing into the snow clearing business seing as though none of my neighboors have drives and most of them don't get up before 11 am and have an afternoon nap at 2pm!

Good luck to all those venturing into the cold, I may do myself for more fun reasons though. Let me know how you get on and if you come up with any more ideas.


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