Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It doesn't take long to ask a question.

You might call me crazy but I am always asking myself questions. I am always challenging myself, if I need a new I REALLY need a phone or will my old one do? If I do REALLY need a new phone, does it HAVE to be cordless?...etc etc

Because of this I cut out some of the needless expenses that I might otherwise incur. It also makes me search harder for the best deals, cheapest deals and add-ons for free etc. Who better to push me to find the best deal than myself?

So I challenge YOU, next time you are out buying something, getting a new mag subscription or even changing gas supplier, ask yourself, is this the best deal, do I really need that pair of shoes?

Having said this, sometimes your wants and needs aren't so different. It is good to reward yourself or treat yourself once in a while. Sometimes a need is to get something you want.


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