Monday, March 27, 2006

I hate spending money!

I had a really bad weekend in terms of saving this weekend, it just turned out to be one of those weekends. I'm sure you have all had them, where you just seem to be spending all weekend.

It started out with going through all my paper work and finding I had about a hundred sheets to shred...great, putting it through the manual shredder wasn't ideal but I set off doing it anyway. I was going quite well, had a routine going and then the damn thing fell apart in my hand. So the first expense was a new shredder, I decided I would invest in an electric one as I figured it would last longer than another manual one.

The next was a few DIY projects I have been meaning to do for weeks. I needed to seal the bath and sink, put a new door on and fit a loft aerial. All things I have been meaning to do for ages but this weekend I finally pulled my thumb out and did them. So the next expenses were sealant (I had no idea how expensive that was!), a new aerial and wire, the door and several bags of screws, plugs and bolts. I love doing DIY but I hate spending money on the items.. :o/

The final thing was a bill I was expecting but not this weekend. We are changing gas companies so I knew I would be getting a final bill from my existing company fairly soon. Needless to say it was more than I had expected it to be! (I'd just like to mention my luck in changing companies and getting the rate fixed until late 2007 just before the gas prices increase :o)

Oh and finally, there was my inability to go home before the bar closes again on thursday night, and two house parties at the weekend (although they are always cheap).

So overall it was a bit of an expensive weekend and my savings account will be taking the brunt of it. Not to worry, it had to go at some point. I'll just have to be a bit tighter this week!


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