Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hobbies (Part One)

The best place to start

Whether you want a little extra cash for that special persons birthday, a holiday or just for a night on the town the best place to start is with a hobby. Everyone has a hobby, not everyone does the regurlarly but everyone has something they are interested in.

The hardest part: The concept

Many people have thought about trying to earn a bit of extra cash with their hobby but didn't know where to start. Well the first thing you have to do is decide how your hobby can make money. Whether you have a nack for cutting hair or whether you enjoy watching amateur sport there is a way to turn your hobby into money.

A few examples:
  • Cutting Hair - cut hair for friends, family and friends of friends.
  • Web Design - speak to friends and family and local small businesses, you are bound to get plenty of interest if you offer the right price.
  • Amateur Sports - Every area has local newspapers, usually more than one. Sports coverage for local newspapers are often written by the coaches or not at all. Speak to your local newspaper and try to work out a deal for each match report you write for them. Speak to the local clubs aswell.
  • cooking/baking - Start a cooking class, bake cakes and sell at market,local cafe or bakery, cook for the elderly, business person sick of fast food or local sports team (on match days).

The hardest part is comming up with an idea of how your hobby can make money. Quite often the answer is starring you in the face. Most hobbies already exist as businesses, take a walk around your town centre and look at the local shops. Do a quick google search of your hobby, usually the businesses offering your hobby will come first.


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