Monday, March 20, 2006

Decorating and DIY a major bind... make it fun by having a decorating party! Fact is within your network of friends you probably know quite a few people who are skilled at various things. So get them round and have them help you!

It sounds cheeky, yeah it does, lets face is cheeky!

First thing, you have to prepare everything before people come. Move all your stuff out of the way where possible, put it in the middle of the room and cover with plastic sheeting. Get all the materials you need (i.e. Wallpaper, paint, rollers...) and get them ready (after all, you are stealing their time, you don't want them to waste it on preparing stuff you can do). You need to keep one room free (unless it's hot then the garden will do, barbecue time) for food and drink, this is what is going to make it fun, make sure you have a mixture of alcoholic and soft drinks. Ok, you're ready for them to come around.

Get what you can done before 4 or 5pm and finish up with having a big party admiring your work.

Trust me, you will find it is a great laugh, your mates won't mind at all especially if you are laying on a big meal or a BBQ and a shed load of booze.

This is a great way to get your stuff done quickly, just be prepared to help your mates out when they need a hand.


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