Friday, March 31, 2006

Blogs of Interest

I have finally added some of my "blogs of interest" to my side bar, I've been meaning to do it for ages...nevermind it's done now.

Just a couple of notes,

All Financial Matters is formally All Things Financial, check JLP's blog out to find out why it had to be changed.

Money Blog Network has recently launched a forum where there are loads of discussions currently being discussed regarding Money, Monetizing your blog and so on, see them here.

My Money Forest has some great interviews with some of the top bloggers and great savers of this era, including Jane from Boston Gals Open Wallet (also featured in my links) ! See them here.

You'll find some business ideas crazier than mine on Nevilles Financial Blog, check out his bottled water experiment here.

So I've finally got some links up. There are loads more great blogs out there and I will be adding those as I find them etc. If you want to be listed drop a comment.


At 4:11 am, Anonymous Tim MMF said...

Wow, thank you for the mention! I appreciate it!

At 9:29 am, Anonymous Dave said...

No problem, only mentioned you because you got a top blog. Keep it up!


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