Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blogging, linking and carnivals

I'm new to the whole blogging thing, although I have been online for years and years I never really looked into web logs, even when there were reports on the news about them being the next big thing I just never got around to checking it out.

Thank god I did now because there is a vast of information available at your fingertips. A lot of incredibly talented people wishing to share their wealth of knowledge, for what...well some do it for a living, some for the satisfaction of sharing it, for some it is a way gathering other peoples thoughts on their life decisions...

There is a real sense of community within blogs, I don't look at blogs of every topics obviously but in the ones I do everyone seems to know everyone and everyone is willing to share an opinion with everyone. It is for this reason I started blogging, for the wealth of the knowledge, to pass off some of my ideas, to log some of the stupid ideas that go wrong, to learn from others and ofcourse if there is a chance I will attempt to make money doing it aswell (It would be rude not to, I am a huge believer in making your hobbies into a living).

One of the things I am impressed about is the Carnivals, a whole host of information on the topic you are interested in. Here is one in particular I have been checking out, it is the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted at All Things Financial. I want to link to a couple of carnivals I find interesting each week but there are plenty of blogs out there who post an article about it each week so when I get chance this week I will put another side bar on linking to that weeks carnival.

Finally, reciprocal links are a great way to share visitors throughout blogs. I wanted to establish myself as a regular blogger before I began linking and requesting reciprocal links. I will over the next few weeks link to the blogs I feel appropriate and hopefully I will be lucky enough to be linked back to.


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