Monday, March 13, 2006

Asking yourself the right questions?

I think it is important to ask yourself questions all the time about your finances (about other things too but that would be wandering off the topic).

Next time you are going through your finances you need to be asking yourself these sort of questions:

- Do I have to spend this much on dinner at work, could I take food to work?
-Do I really need Sky TV, especially now with freeview?
-If I do need sky, do I need all the channels?
-Did I really need that new TV?
-What did I do with the old TV?
-Am I getting the best deal for my mortgage?
-Is renting saving or losing me money?

I believe the best way to make money is to save money you don't need to spend. Above are just a few suggestions of the sort of questions I ask myself regularly. There are many many more but it is important for you to come up with your own questions, once you start asking questions, they will begin to flow freely!


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